• Houston

    About Houston is the country’s 4th biggest city, situated in the state of Texas, not far from the Gulf of Mexico. Houston attracts millions of tourists yearly including international travelers. The founders of Houston are the Allen brothers who laid the city in 1836 on Buffalo Bayou. In 1837 it was named after General S. Houston who had won at the Battle of San Jacinto not far from the place where the city was laid. The victory allowed Texas to get the absolute independence from Mexico. Houston became the capital of the new Republic of Texas.
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Houston History

Houston was settled by two brothers in August,1836. A year later it got the status of a city and was named in honor of the President of Texas Sam Houston. Nowadays the monument to this historical person stands in one of the most visited parks of the city. In 1837 Houston got the status of the political center of Texas. Two years later Austin became the capital of the Republic.
By 1870 Houston had grown to be the 3rd biggest settlement in Texas with the population over 9,000 residents.

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